Stickers & Signage

Vinyl stickers and prices

We do stickers in any shape, size and quantity—and we do not have a minimum order quantity.

Various vinyls are available to choose from, ranging from the standard semi-gloss white and transparent variety all the way through to upmarket matte and metallic vinyls.

Useful tip: Try to leave an unprinted border of at least 0.5 mm around your artwork - this prevents the sticker from curling.

To give you an idea of our prices: if you order a total of 40 coaster-sized-stickers (approximately 100x100mm), the unit cost will be R5.66/sticker (including VAT). Please contact us on james@hasso.store or call us on 081 569 8166 for any enquiries.

Vinyl stickers

Static vinyl

Static vinyl is a synthetic paper that clings to smooth surfaces without any adhesive—it is easily peeled off and leaves no residue. 

It is ideal for sticking on electronic appliances (like television screen, LCD monitors & fridges) and is an alternative to the normal vinyl licence disks and car magnets.  

Static vinyl is re-usable and it complies with most companies' internal signage requirements.

Correx signs

We can mount your stickers for you on either white or black correx. We prefer working with 5mm correx as it is just sturdier. 

Give us a call for prices! 

Stickers & stuff for kiddies parties

You know what you want, let us print it for you. Stickers for bottles, loot bags and one or two extra things usually fit on a square metre and will cost between R320.00 - R475.00 (including VAT).

By the way, don't forget that we do kids t-shirts as well!

Below are a few examples: