Printing / branding on mugs

You can choose from a wide range of mugs which we'll brand to your own specifications.

The basic types of mugs

Plain white

Nothing fancy - your common garden-variety white mug which is dishwasher safe. 

Coloured rim & handle

On the outside, the mugs are white while their handles & rims are either lime, navy, black, pink, light blue, orange or red.

Coloured inner & handle

On the outside, the mugs are white while their handles & interiors are either lime, navy, black, pink, light blue, orange or red.

Neon mugs

These mugs are come in loud colours! The available finishes are pink, green, orange and yellow.

Apart from the mugs pictured above, the remaining mugs that we have available are listed below: 

  • White Mug;
  • 2 Tone Mugs (coloured rim and handle/coloured inner and handle);
  • Enamel Cup;
  • Enamel Cup (colour changing);
  • Glass Mug with coloured handle;
  • Mini Mug 2.5oz (espresso/kiddies mugs);
  • Neon Mug; and
  • Magic Mug (colour changing mugs).

 Magic (colour changing) mugs

Although they come in black, red, purple and blue, we only stock the black ones as they perform best in hiding the print.

The mugs change colour when a hot liquid is poured into them, revealing your print. So, for instance, if you have your design printed on a black mug, the cold mug will appear black until it heats up and then the background turns white revealing your full colour print.

Can I give you my own mug?

Nope, unfortunately not.

The mugs we print on are specially treated mugs - they have a polymer coating on them which allows an image to be sublimated onto it. 

How much does a personalised mug cost?

You can call us for a quotation on 081 569 8166 or james@hasso.store.

Our printing process allows you to personalise each and every mug.

Do you have minimum order quantities and how long does it take?

No, we like printing just one mug at a time as well. 

We understand that you want your stuff quickly so we aim to please. If we're really busy or with large orders where we have to get additional stock, you will have to be patient for 4 days max.


As mentioned above, we supply your mug to you in a custom little box and if you want something branded onto the box (like a happy birthday wish or an employee's name or your logo), we'll gladly help!

Examples of sublimated mugs

White printed mugs

Inside coloured mugs

Coloured rim and handle mugs

Magic Colour Change Mugs

Kiddies mugs

Mug with stuff—great gifts for your team at the office!

Adding stuff inside a mug is the corporate equivalent of a lucky packet. You can decide what you want to put into the mugs:

  • Coffee, milk, sugar & a rusk;
  • Hot chocolate with baby marshmallows or a chocolate; or
  • Just about anything that we can fit into the mug. Anything is possible, just ask us and we'll cost it for you.

Give us a call on 081 569 8166 or send an email to james@hasso.store to get something nice for your team.

Father's Day Mugs

Mother's Day Mugs

Mugs make ideal mother's day gifts—adding a Sweetie Pie makes it the perfect gift!

Here are some mother's day mug designs to inspire you - or send us a design you like.