Posters, Photos & Certificates

If you want smaller quantities printed, especially with variable data, look no further as you're at the right place!

Substrates to choose from

We stock the following papers:

220 gsm Glossy /  Satin / Matte Photo Paper

Apart from posters, this substrate is also suitable for indoor promotion & directional signage, certificates, low volume wall calendars, greeting cards and packaging.

135 gsm tear-resistant satin poster paper

Satin Tear Free & Waterproof Poster Paper

The material has a satin finish, is waterproof and tear-proof—this means that there's no need to laminate it!

This makes it very suitable for posters & photos which will be displayed in high traffic and unprotected areas such as bulletin boards. 

The prints are easier to handle than paper as the material does not crease easily.

The material is just as robust as banner material but it is about a third of the weight.

    Poster printing prices

    Poster printed & trimmed to standard A2 size

    We offer "bulk" discounts at low volumes—you'll probably get a better price if you add just one or two units to your order!

    The most popular size for posters is A2 (594mm x 420mm) and this is how much we charge for varying quantities:


    Unit Price (including VAT)

    1 Unit


    2-5 Units


    6-10 Units


    11-20 Units


    21-30 Units


    31-39 Units


    >40 Units***


    ***Important note: the unit costs above are not contingent on having only one design—if you print 40 x A2 posters each with a different design on it, we'll still charge you R59.96/poster (including VAT).


    We print your certificates to specific size.  The usual certificate is sized between an A4 (297mm x 210mm) and an A3 (420mm x 297mm).

    We can assist you with the design and handle the variable data (names, achievements etc) for you on request.

    Certificate printing prices

    Price-wise you're looking at anything between R36 and R25 per certificate, depending on the size and quantity you want to have printed.

    Certificate prices vary greatly based on the type of paper you want to use and any additional elements you want introduced (embossed metallic stickers, wax seals, printed ribbon...). Contact us on 081 569 8166 or by sending an email to james@hasso.store to get a quote.

    Examples of certificates