Nothing says it quite like a personalised Zippo. 

Let us help you customise that Zippo as a gift for that special occasion or just help you to mark your own stuff. 

You have two options to personalise that Zippo: 

  • You can print a high definition full colour image on the Zippo (with our UV printer) or 
  • You can go old school and have it engraved.

Engrave or print on a Zippo?

Engraving works on any kind of Zippo but UV printing only lasts on pre-painted Zippos.

Print on a white or black Zippo or engrave a brushed chrome one

We only keep black, white and brushed chrome Zippos in stock. 

If you want another kind of Zippo, please to go to Zippo's American site (zippo.com), search for the one you like and just send us the product code.

How much will it cost?

The price depends on the kind of Zippo you want and then whether you want to engrave or print and if it will be done on one side, or both.

An engraved brushed chrome Zippo it will cost in the vicinity of R550 and coloured Zippos with a full colour UV print, it will cost about R630.

Pimp My Stuff 

If you have your design ready, you can contact us at ThunderCat@PrintMyStuff.co.za or call us on 081 569 8166

Examples of printed and engraved Zippos

Customise a Zippo, Print on a Zippo, Engrave on a Zippo

UV Printed Zippos

Engraved Zippos