Direct to Garment T-shirt printing

We can print your t-shirt using our direct to garment (DTG) printer or do it for you with flex or heat transfer. 

DTG is best for intricate designs and has a soft nice feel to it as your image is printed with ink directly onto the shirt (very similar to silk screening but full colour). 

If you want lettering (white, black, silver, gold or neon), flex or heat transfer might be more appropriate. 

T-shirt printing prices

Prices vary depending on the size of the print (banner size, chest size or full body) and whether you want to print on a white or coloured shirt. 

Coloured t-shirts are more expensive to print as they first have to be pre-treated. 

Only after that can you lay down a layer of white ink so that you can print the colour. 

If you don't do this, the print looks weird, as illustrated below.

DTG print on a light t-shirt (no pre-treatment or white ink)

With this particular print, no pre-treatment was required as we did not have to lay down white ink.  

This is because the colours that were printed were darker than the t-shirt's colour (natural off-white).  

The t-shirt's (lighter) colour did not affect the printed colours.

DTG print on a dark shirt without pre-treatment or white ink

As can be seen from this picture, when you print the same image on a dark coloured shirt, the image's colour does not display properly.

Apart from the green of the t-shirt influencing the eventual colour of the print, it is a bit dull.

This method can be used to achieve a muted or washed-out result, but it is tricky.

Of course, if your image is black only, the colour of the shirt does not matter.

DTG print on coloured t-shirt (with pre-treatment and white ink)

We printed the same image on the same shirt but this time we first printed white ink so that the colours of the print could display properly.

The left bit was not pre-treated. As you can see, the pre-treated bit on the right came out clearer because the pre-treatment allowed the white ink to bond better with the garment.

If you take a look at the above prints, you will notice that the colour of the shirt, the pre-treatment and the white ink each has an effect on the eventual colour display. 

Please bear this in mind when choosing your colour shirt and type of image.

How fine (how much detail) can you print?

Well, very high resolution but it all boils down to the quality of the artwork.

The pictures below will give you a very good idea of how fine our DTG printer can print.

How do I order?

Choose the route you like: You can email us at dirk@hasso.co.za or call us on 074 023 4535.

Father's day t-shirt

Pictures of our DTG prints on t-shirts