Pull Up Banners

We sell standard sized pull-up banners.

Pull-up banners are lightweight display units for indoor branding with a standard display size of 850mm x 2000mm.

You get two kinds of mechanisms, economy and deluxe. We only stock the deluxe model as they are durable. 

We print on non-curl 440gsm banner and you have a choice of white or grey back. Double sided prints are available (see the last two images).


Normal Banners

We can print your design on either 510gsm black back banner for outdoor use or on 440gsm matte banner for indoor use. The maximum width that we can print is 1.6m.

We insert eyelets for free but seaming & welding is charged extra because it is outsourced. 

How do I order?

It is easiest if you email your design to james@hasso.store or call us on 081 569 8166.